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5 Best Free-To-Play Games Like Fortnite

Epic Games remain the publisher and developer of Fortnite. It is a single, action-adventure, addictive and multiplayer battle royale video game about scavenging items, exploration, creating structure, crafting weapons against a gamut of monsters. One or more control points help to determine the defense and survival of players in this amazing game. Massive wave of […]

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Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 Game Review: Everything you need to know

Far Cry 5 much like its earlier versions is an action-packed adventure game involving first person shooting of a bunch of crazed lunatics. This thoroughly addictive game is another Ubisoft product that runs on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. Far Cry 5 is the most PC friendly game ever made. If you bought […]

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