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Setting Up a Home Gym? Don’t miss these things!

Setting up a home gym can turn out to be a very worthwhile investment. However, it could be a little challenging if you’re on a budget and short on space. Also, you could spend a lot on purchasing equipment that you feel are necessary only to find out most aren’t. I’ve put together a list to help you identify what pieces of equipment are necessary when starting a home gym.

1. Dumbbell Set

Dumbbell Set

Your gym isn’t complete without a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells are available in different sizes and shapes, with fixed rubber dumbbells being the most popular choice. Apart from coming in different shapes, these dumbbells are most resistant to scratches and chips. Also, if you have a habit of dropping dumbbells, you should go for fixed rubber dumbbells. Get 3-5 sets with different weight range to effectively accommodate different exercises.

2. Training Bench

Training Bench

Having the best weight bench is very essential part of an effective weight training program. Go for at least two adjustable weight benches which will allow you train at any angle, thus reducing injury risks. Most of these benches have simple frame design with pop-pin or steps mechanisms. Additionally, most have wheels and handles for easy movements. However, most of them are not suitable for compound heavy lifting.

3. Kettlebell Set

Kettlebell Set

For a good reason, kettlebell use has been steadily increasing in popularity with most athletes and desk jockeys incorporating it into their routine workouts. To begin with, they can be an able alternative to dumbbells. Having at least one kettlebell in your fitness arsenal can ensure an all-round co-intensive workout. Not to mention they are very affordable and can immensely improve your sweat session by providing a lot in terms of flexibility or functional fitness.

4. Treadmill


Treadmill is a must-have if you intend to have a solid cardio workout. There is no better exercise than jogging, running, walking or sprinting. These exercises can help you quickly lose extra fat and maintain your heart’s fitness. Also, running outside can sometimes be a little challenging due to weather, crowded sidewalks or safety and this is where a treadmill becomes important.

5. Sound system

sound system

One of the greatest advantages of setting up your own home gym is that you get to play any kind of music you want. Music entertains and motivates most people during workouts. That being said, playing the right kind of music during your workout session can have a very powerful impact on your motivation. Also, apart from getting you relaxed and focused, installing a sound system will ensure that you don’t have to worry about damaging the headphone wire, smartphone or having a pulled of headphones.

6. Yoga Mat

yoga mat

Yoga mats are very effective when placed on hardwood or tiled floor. Since an effective fitness program must entail floor exercises, having a proper exercise mat is very essential. Some of the benefits of using an exercise mat during floor workout include; protecting your body parts (tailbone, elbow, and knees), maintaining balance, reducing your contact with floor dirt and can also be used as padding when rolled up.

7. Fitness/Exercise ball


A fitness ball can be used to carry out many exercises. To begin with, an exercise ball is great on back exercises because it gives enough support to your lower back while you stretch and exercise. That is the main reason why physical therapists use the ball for therapy. Secondly, training on an exercise ball improves your core stability by enabling you effectively reach hidden muscles. Additionally, the ball is very effective in improving your muscle balance.

8. Pull-up bar

When doing one of the most basic exercises – chin-ups and pull-ups, the pull-up bar is very effective. Effective pull-ups are done by lifting your body up and down on a bar. Although the exercise is very intense it has a number of benefits such as: building upper body strength, improving grip strength, and working out various muscle groups. A good pull-up bar should be easy to install and use, have comfortable foam grips and support weight without wobbling.

9. Heavy Bag

Heavy Bag

Also known as punching bag, this equipment is a must have on your home gym collection. It’s famously known to shape champions in boxing. As much as hitting it is physically demanding, the exercise immensely improves your strength and stamina. Including this valuable equipment in your home gym will help you stay motivated and energetic. Just put on the gloves and wraps and rumble right away.

10. Jump ropes

Do you know the reason why most boxers and MMA fighters continuously jump rope? Well, jumping ropes is an effective cardio exercise. So what is the best jumping rope? A good jumping rope must have:

• Light weight handles to prevent your arms from getting tired.
• Comfortable grip even when you sweat.
• Must be easily adjustable.
• Nylon coating for durability.
• Versatility – thin for expert jumpers and heavy for intermediate jumpers.

So, was that post helpful? Well, before purchasing any equipment consider the space required, budget and the audience. Feel free to add, share or comment on my list of essential home gym equipment above.

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