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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: Movie Review

A brand new American adventure and comedy movie “Jumanji: welcome to the Jungle is the narration of the story of four teenagers who discovered an old and a strange video game and from here their journey to diverse adventures starts into the jungle setting. They chose to become the adult avatar and came to know that the game has to be accomplished in another world. The game was not to be played rather the game was playing with them and they had to fight for their survival till the end.

“Jumanji” Positive aspects of the movie

  • The focus of the movie remained on the vitality of the bondage and friendship as it was seen in the character of the fridge.
  • Amazingly cohesive script and twists in the movie remained quite successful to catch the attention of the audience especially teenagers enjoyed the flow of the movie at its best.
  • Comedy remained the focal point in the movie and all the actors performed it in the best possible way. Although the scene of the penis in the movie was annoying for some people yet on the other end a lot of them found it as a valid reason to laugh.
  • The movie felt exactly fit in the mold and was totally as per the expectation of the fans of previous Jumanji and everyone welcomed the same theme but different settings from a simple board game to a technically advanced video game which was quite compatible to the contemporary need of the far advanced world.

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Negative aspect of the movie

  • The movie was for the international audience who have a diverse set of cultures and limitations. Sexual element in the movie was so annoying for some parents and the preventable and incongruous sexual references in the movie disturbed teenagers in front of their peers. At some places, kids found uncomfortable and parents had to leave the cinema. Display of female body skin and the scene of the penis made it unacceptable for a lot of people.
  • The movie was for teenagers but the display of abusive language with f-words made it objectionable and objectionable words in the subtitle have been attributed as one the weakest points of the movie and parents kept their kids away of it at some places.
  • A lot of violence made it an adult movie as violence which was presented in the movie was not supposed to be added for teenagers or kids. It was widely criticised especially when the character of Dwayne Johnson snaps the head of another person very brutely. These type of scenes put a question mark on the smoothness of such a high-end movie.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle went great at the box office and people really enjoyed it in all the corners of the world. If someone comes with the purpose of just enjoyment and getting entertained then it is a hit for him or her. Putting the abusive element aside along with the violence and sexual display, the movie went great at the box office and still it is in the cinemas. So, have a look at this weekend and enjoy.

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