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10 Super Interesting Facts About ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy

Generally we have seen film adaptations of a book never go right. There is always a part or the other missing, which leaves the viewers unsatisfied.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy is the movie series that stood out from the rest. Without any buts, we can say that the movies did complete justice to the book. No Wonder it took years to completely finish this masterpiece. Only shooting the emotional scenes took a whole year.  With Peter Jackson’s eye for details, making the sets as realistic as they can, the leading actors’ spontaneous performance, the movies turned out to be nothing less than outstanding.

Here are some of the super interesting facts about Lord of the Rings that you never knew

  • Aragon was a hard character to choose. Even Vin Diesel auditioned for it but he missed it because the part did not suit him. On the other the hand, Nicolas cage was considered a true fit for the character. But then he refused to do the part of Aragorn due to ‘family obligations’. Which then went to Stuart Townsend but he got fired just a day before Filming. And then it finally landed to Viggo Mortensen.
  • Viggo Mortensen became a proficient swordsman gradually while filming for the trilogy. Not only did he play the part, he used original steel sword for all the scenes. He got so engulfed in his character that once shooting a scene, he chipped one of his teeth. But he continued to shoot after ‘gluing’ it back.
  • If this wasn’t enough of Viggo trivia, then here’s more. During the film he was mostly seen riding horses. He got so attached with the horses that he actually ended up buying 2 horses from its owner.
  • For the sake of the movie’s perfection, over 18000 costumes were patiently hand crafted for the huge cast. Out of which, 30 to 40 similar costumes were made for the main characters. All of this, to give a glimpse of real war to the audience.
  • In 60s, the Beatles were excited to make a movie adaptation of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ under the direction of Stanley Kubrick. But it was never materialised because Tolkien didn’t seem to be too keen on the idea.
  • Ian Mckellen confirmed himself that he never worked on the same set with Elijah Wood. All the significant scenes that you see between them onscreen are the sheer magic created by the talented editors of the movie.
  • Peter Jackson’s daughter was featured in the movie for more than one time. She played the younger version of Hobit, a helm refugee and a child in Minas Tirith
  • Sean Bean who played Boromir in the movie, would every time climb up the Mountains in New Zealand where the shooting was done. This because he had a phobia with heights and so he refused to take a ride in Helicopter.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal auditioned for the role of Frodo. But believe it or not. He did not just get rejected for the role but was also told that it was called one of the worst auditions for the day.
  • Lord of the Rings was the first and the only fictional fantasy movie to get an Academy an award for the ‘best picture’ category. Along with that, the whole series won 17 Oscars in total.

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