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Daniel Radcliffe in Beast of Burden :Trailer Review

Daniel Radcliffe has grown up so much since he first caught the public’s attention as Harry Potter. You may be surprised to learn that in the new movie Beast of Burden he will be playing the part of a drug smuggling pilot by the name of Sean Haggerty. The trailer for the movie was recently released and you may be surprised by how good it looks. Today we are going to review the trailer for this upcoming movie to see what we can tease out of it.

The trailer opens up by establishing what drives Sean Haggerty. We are treated with a shot of Sean with his wife sitting in what appears to be an operating room. The doctor appears to be delivering bad news as Sean and his wife burst into tears. She has some sort of life-threatening illness. An ominous voice begins to speak as the trailer cuts to various shots of Sean getting prepared to smuggle a new shipment of drugs. The eerie music in the background lets you know all is not okay for Sean. The voice says, “She needs to get better. I promise you treatment for your wife. ”

At that moment we learn that Sean is working for the Drug Enforcement Administration. This is his final drug run before cashing out of the game and living happily ever after with his wife. We all know happy endings are hard to come by. Sean expresses the mood of the trailer best. He says, “Something feels off about this.” The music starts to build into a crescendo when a single phrase hits Sean and the watcher like a sack of bricks.


“‘There’s been a change of plan,” says the voice of who we assume is drug lord behind Sean Haggerty’s drug run. It is at this moment you can truly see the potential for drama in this action thriller. Sean Haggerty is isolated in his plane cabin and forced to choose where his allegiance is. Will he align himself with the Drug Enforcement Administration? Will he choose the Cartel? Can he Keep his relationship with his dying wife? All of these questions are pivotal to the plot of the film.

Sean Haggerty has one hour to make that decision. Cartel goes out of their way to complicate the matter. They have taken Sean Haggerty’s wife hostage. There are only hard decisions waiting for Sean Haggerty.

We are then treated with some shots of mediocre CGI missiles fly next to Sean Haggerty’s plane as the action intensifies. A couple of quick unimpressive cuts to shoots filled with bullets and the trailer is over.

It is about time for the final verdict. This film has a strong premise. The special effects do not appear to be the best, but they are passable. This movie will mostly not be a masterpiece. I do think it could a fun movie to watch one day when you have nothing better to do. The trailer is fairly well done. Go see it when it comes out if possible.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: Movie Review

A brand new American adventure and comedy movie “Jumanji: welcome to the Jungle is the narration of the story of four teenagers who discovered an old and a strange video game and from here their journey to diverse adventures starts into the jungle setting. They chose to become the adult avatar and came to know that the game has to be accomplished in another world. The game was not to be played rather the game was playing with them and they had to fight for their survival till the end.

“Jumanji” Positive aspects of the movie

  • The focus of the movie remained on the vitality of the bondage and friendship as it was seen in the character of the fridge.
  • Amazingly cohesive script and twists in the movie remained quite successful to catch the attention of the audience especially teenagers enjoyed the flow of the movie at its best.
  • Comedy remained the focal point in the movie and all the actors performed it in the best possible way. Although the scene of the penis in the movie was annoying for some people yet on the other end a lot of them found it as a valid reason to laugh.
  • The movie felt exactly fit in the mold and was totally as per the expectation of the fans of previous Jumanji and everyone welcomed the same theme but different settings from a simple board game to a technically advanced video game which was quite compatible to the contemporary need of the far advanced world.

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Negative aspect of the movie

  • The movie was for the international audience who have a diverse set of cultures and limitations. Sexual element in the movie was so annoying for some parents and the preventable and incongruous sexual references in the movie disturbed teenagers in front of their peers. At some places, kids found uncomfortable and parents had to leave the cinema. Display of female body skin and the scene of the penis made it unacceptable for a lot of people.
  • The movie was for teenagers but the display of abusive language with f-words made it objectionable and objectionable words in the subtitle have been attributed as one the weakest points of the movie and parents kept their kids away of it at some places.
  • A lot of violence made it an adult movie as violence which was presented in the movie was not supposed to be added for teenagers or kids. It was widely criticised especially when the character of Dwayne Johnson snaps the head of another person very brutely. These type of scenes put a question mark on the smoothness of such a high-end movie.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle went great at the box office and people really enjoyed it in all the corners of the world. If someone comes with the purpose of just enjoyment and getting entertained then it is a hit for him or her. Putting the abusive element aside along with the violence and sexual display, the movie went great at the box office and still it is in the cinemas. So, have a look at this weekend and enjoy.

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Documentaries are the hidden gems of movies. Though they are not as popular as other TV shows and movies streaming on web platform like the ShowBox App, Netflix, they still capture the hearts of those who understand them and imbibe in these individuals some vital knowledge of the real world.

In the past, the process of getting a non-fiction film to watch was unimaginable. However, with streaming services like Netflix, this trouble is no more. For this year January 2018, here are the most interesting documentaries made available on Netflix.

1. Abstract: Art-of-Design (2017)

If you are into art, this show is for you. This documentary pays a closer look into design and consists of eight short films. Each show reveals an important individual in the design sector, as they try to give viewers a broader look on the subject. You will get to see notable names like Paula Scher, the typography legend, and the Oscar winner Morgan Neville.
If you are a lover of art, then you will hate to miss the chance to have a closer look into your interest through the fresh perspectives this series brings.

2. Making a Murder

This series tells a story about a man and his life in jail. A man named Steven Avery gets convicted of a crime he did not commit. Because of this said criminal offense, he got to spend almost two decades in prison. After being exonerated, Steven decided to sue the people responsible for his stay in the jailhouse. After a short while, he was sent back to jail for the accused murder of a 25-year old photographer named, Teresa Halbach

This documentary has the too-strange-to-be-true vibe; hence, if such events are in your area of interest, you will like to check this one out.

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3. India’s Daughter (2015)

This is a true-life story that reveals the lapses in India’s laws concerning women. In this series, Calling Leslee Udwin reveals a critical account of a gang rape and murder incident that happened to a Delhi medical student. It is a one-hour film that showcases lots of events along with an interview on one of the convicts of the crime.

This series contains a lot of eye-openers and righteous anger. It is best you watch it when your stomach is steel.

4. Chef’s Table (2015)

This series is the right show for the food and chef lovers. This documentary presents some pretty fun recipe and challenges of the world’s most ambitious chefs. You get to see the likes of Niki Nakayama. The film comprises of six distinct episodes to wow your mind.
So, if you are a lover of food, or a chef aspiring to know more in your field, this documentary is for you.

5. Amanda Knox

This is a documentary that gives you more incites on what transpired many years ago. This show was produced by few notable persons: Rod Blackhurst who is the director as well as Brian McGinn, and producer Mette Heide. In it, you get to see Knox as she helps these men explore the case that made many newspaper headlines around the world. This series is the first film she has agreed to feature in; however, you won’t be reacquainting with the grinning girl from the past.

If you like to find out more about this incident and the miscarriage of justice, it is available on Netflix.

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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope – Movie Review

Star Wars 4

The background story: A childhood dream

From a very young age George Lucas felt passionated by film making. His first attempts started at the age of eighteen, using a 8mm camera filming car racing, one of his youth hobbies back then in the 60’s.

The idea of Star Wars Universe come to him inspired by one of his childhood heroes, Flash Gordon, the protagonist of a comic strip from a renowned 1934 space opera. In the beginning Lucas wanted to make an adaptation of the adventures of his heroe, though he never got the rights, then he decided to write a whole new story, and so Star Wars had been born. Star Wars story was also inspired by the epic British tale Beowulf, Akira Kurosawa films and King Arthur life.

Adventures of Luke Star-killer: The Journal of the Whills

1977 was the release date of the first of the three movies from the Star Wars original trilogy, it came into theaters with a plain name: Star Wars. The first name Lucas chose for this film was something way longer: The Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Star-killer, back in 1975, but he changed it to simply Star Wars, and episode IV and the subtitle A New Hope was later added after the release of the second prequel trilogy, so the fans can follow the sequence of the movies.

A Brief Plot: Star Wars, the beginning of an epic adventure

The film main argument is the the efforts of the Resistance, the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire and the plans to destroy their base, The Dreadful Death Star, a powerful station with enough power to destroy a whole planet.

Luke Skywalker a farm boy from the desert planet Tatooine, is given two droids, an astro-mech named R2-D2 and a protocol droid named C-3PO to be clean and prepared, which were recently purchased by his uncle to work on their moist farms. Later Luke discovers by accident a message broadcasted by a Rebel Princess, hidden inside the R2-D2, this message was addressed to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and it also says that inside this droid where the plans to destroy the Galactic Empire’s Death Star.

Luke decides to look for the old Obi-Wan Kenobi, known as a hermit that live a solitary life in the hills of Tatooine. Obi-Wan tells Luke his real story, that he was a Jedi Knight who serves in the Galactic Republic.

Luke decides to go with Obi-Wan to help Princess Leia after finding out his home had been destroyed and his uncles brutaly killed by the Imperial storm-troopers.

They hire Han Solo, a smuggler and his companion a wookie named Chewbacca to take them to Alderaan in his ship the Millennium Falcon an old but powerful ship.

Later they find out Planet Alderaan had been destroyed by the Death Star, and Falcon got captured and taken into the Death Star. Luke, Chewbacca and Solo sneak into the Death Star and rescue Princess Leia, while Obi-Wan starts a duel with Darth Vader, to distract him so the others can scape, dying in the dueling.

Finally they discovered a weak point in the main reactor to destroy the Death Star, Luke joint the rebels piloting a X-wing guided by Obi-Wan spirit and the force. Solo attemps to flee but Luke convince him to stay and fight the Empire, they finally succeed and destroy the Death Star, and Princess Leia give them heroism medals for their efforts and achivements.

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A high-gross film

Star Wars Saga is considered as one of the few high-grossing films ever made, it means this films had not only generate revenue from box office but from many streams such as: merchandise, TV broadcasting, internet, home video, etc. This made this film the beginning of an overwhelming success for George Lucas film-making career.

Star Wars is a pop culture phenomenon, a cult movie, there is even a real life religion based on the Jedi Order and their belief of the force. This is a saga that any sci-fi lover must watch, a total delight for the eyes and mind.

Interesting Facts:

The original last name of the most famous family in Star War franchise was not Skywalker but Starkiller, and Luke and Leia’s father original name was Annikin later changed to Anakin

The scenes from the Endor’s moon where taken on the Redwood National Park in United States of America and the Rebel base from Yavin is a place named Tikal located in Guatemala.

George Lucas wanted new actors to be the main characters for this history, due to this Harrison Ford was almost rejected to play the role of Han Solo but later Lucas was convinced that he would made an excellent performance and decided to give him the role. Carrie Fisher had to lose 10 pounds to play the role of Princess Leia.