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Daniel Radcliffe in Beast of Burden :Trailer Review

Daniel Radcliffe has grown up so much since he first caught the public’s attention as Harry Potter. You may be surprised to learn that in the new movie Beast of Burden he will be playing the part of a drug smuggling pilot by the name of Sean Haggerty. The trailer for the movie was recently released and you may be surprised by how good it looks. Today we are going to review the trailer for this upcoming movie to see what we can tease out of it.

The trailer opens up by establishing what drives Sean Haggerty. We are treated with a shot of Sean with his wife sitting in what appears to be an operating room. The doctor appears to be delivering bad news as Sean and his wife burst into tears. She has some sort of life-threatening illness. An ominous voice begins to speak as the trailer cuts to various shots of Sean getting prepared to smuggle a new shipment of drugs. The eerie music in the background lets you know all is not okay for Sean. The voice says, “She needs to get better. I promise you treatment for your wife. ”

At that moment we learn that Sean is working for the Drug Enforcement Administration. This is his final drug run before cashing out of the game and living happily ever after with his wife. We all know happy endings are hard to come by. Sean expresses the mood of the trailer best. He says, “Something feels off about this.” The music starts to build into a crescendo when a single phrase hits Sean and the watcher like a sack of bricks.


“‘There’s been a change of plan,” says the voice of who we assume is drug lord behind Sean Haggerty’s drug run. It is at this moment you can truly see the potential for drama in this action thriller. Sean Haggerty is isolated in his plane cabin and forced to choose where his allegiance is. Will he align himself with the Drug Enforcement Administration? Will he choose the Cartel? Can he Keep his relationship with his dying wife? All of these questions are pivotal to the plot of the film.

Sean Haggerty has one hour to make that decision. Cartel goes out of their way to complicate the matter. They have taken Sean Haggerty’s wife hostage. There are only hard decisions waiting for Sean Haggerty.

We are then treated with some shots of mediocre CGI missiles fly next to Sean Haggerty’s plane as the action intensifies. A couple of quick unimpressive cuts to shoots filled with bullets and the trailer is over.

It is about time for the final verdict. This film has a strong premise. The special effects do not appear to be the best, but they are passable. This movie will mostly not be a masterpiece. I do think it could a fun movie to watch one day when you have nothing better to do. The trailer is fairly well done. Go see it when it comes out if possible.

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