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Documentaries are the hidden gems of movies. Though they are not as popular as other TV shows and movies streaming on web platform like the ShowBox App, Netflix, they still capture the hearts of those who understand them and imbibe in these individuals some vital knowledge of the real world.

In the past, the process of getting a non-fiction film to watch was unimaginable. However, with streaming services like Netflix, this trouble is no more. For this year January 2018, here are the most interesting documentaries made available on Netflix.

1. Abstract: Art-of-Design (2017)

If you are into art, this show is for you. This documentary pays a closer look into design and consists of eight short films. Each show reveals an important individual in the design sector, as they try to give viewers a broader look on the subject. You will get to see notable names like Paula Scher, the typography legend, and the Oscar winner Morgan Neville.
If you are a lover of art, then you will hate to miss the chance to have a closer look into your interest through the fresh perspectives this series brings.

2. Making a Murder

This series tells a story about a man and his life in jail. A man named Steven Avery gets convicted of a crime he did not commit. Because of this said criminal offense, he got to spend almost two decades in prison. After being exonerated, Steven decided to sue the people responsible for his stay in the jailhouse. After a short while, he was sent back to jail for the accused murder of a 25-year old photographer named, Teresa Halbach

This documentary has the too-strange-to-be-true vibe; hence, if such events are in your area of interest, you will like to check this one out.

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3. India’s Daughter (2015)

This is a true-life story that reveals the lapses in India’s laws concerning women. In this series, Calling Leslee Udwin reveals a critical account of a gang rape and murder incident that happened to a Delhi medical student. It is a one-hour film that showcases lots of events along with an interview on one of the convicts of the crime.

This series contains a lot of eye-openers and righteous anger. It is best you watch it when your stomach is steel.

4. Chef’s Table (2015)

This series is the right show for the food and chef lovers. This documentary presents some pretty fun recipe and challenges of the world’s most ambitious chefs. You get to see the likes of Niki Nakayama. The film comprises of six distinct episodes to wow your mind.
So, if you are a lover of food, or a chef aspiring to know more in your field, this documentary is for you.

5. Amanda Knox

This is a documentary that gives you more incites on what transpired many years ago. This show was produced by few notable persons: Rod Blackhurst who is the director as well as Brian McGinn, and producer Mette Heide. In it, you get to see Knox as she helps these men explore the case that made many newspaper headlines around the world. This series is the first film she has agreed to feature in; however, you won’t be reacquainting with the grinning girl from the past.

If you like to find out more about this incident and the miscarriage of justice, it is available on Netflix.

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