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5 Things To Consider when Buying a Treadmill

If you think that buying the right treadmill is that easy wait until you begin researching and shopping around. That aside, buying the right treadmill could turn out to be an ideal investment. You can easily gain the health benefits associated with running and walking at your home’s comfort. Before going to a fitness store, here are the 5 things to consider when buying a treadmill for home use.


1. Price

Price is arguably the first thing most people consider before purchasing any large equipment, including a treadmill. There are many price points for treadmills starting from around $500 to $3000 or more. For long lasting ones, you will have to part with at least $1,000, although you will get more stability, workout options and better motors if you spend at least $1,500-$3,000. 

Also, always avoid those cheap department store treadmills if you’re looking for something quality. Quality treadmills can be pricey but has important features such as comfort, quietness and most importantly they last longer. However, if you don’t plan to use it quite often or you are looking for a basic machine, a less expensive one could be a good choice. Always remember, what you pay for is what you get.

2. Always try it first

This should be a basic rule that applies when purchasing any kind of fitness equipment. It is likely that you may not find your favorite treadmill option at the local fitness store. If this is the case, don’t buy a treadmill that you haven’t gotten an opportunity to try out. The way a treadmill feels and fits to you is very important. These two factors can greatly influence how frequent you use it. 

That said, put on your sneakers and workout clothing and then take at least 10 minutes to try out the equipment you intend to buy. During this process, ensure that there is no shaking even when running and it’s quite. In conclusion, simply walking on treadmills when testing isn’t enough, but conducting a proper test “run” is.

3. Controls and features

When purchasing a treadmill always check the controls and other important features. Take your time and look for treadmills that have well displayed and easily accessible controls for incline, maximum user weight rating – if you’re a larger person and speed. Also, the controls should be comfortable and easy to use when you’re exercising using the equipment. As for the features, always ask yourself the following important questions before purchasing:

  • Can you easily change the incline and speed while using the equipment without jeopardizing your safety? 
  • Is there an accessible place for your music player or mobile phone?
  • Where is the drink holder?
  • Does it have space to add a book rack?
  • Is the side steps design wide enough or slip resistant? 

4. Readily available after-sales service and parts

You don’t have to purchase such an expensive equipment only to later find out there is nobody ready to assist you with the servicing, delivery and set-up. Always go for authorized retailers who mostly have readily available after-sales service such as assembly, delivery and spare parts. Consider how you would get it to your home or designated work area and who will service it in case of breakdown.
Also, keenly check if your preferred model carries the best warranty on the motor and frame.

Warranties could vary depending on where you buy the treadmill. A good manufacturer should offer at least five years of motor warranty, with 10 years being preferable. It should also have a 2-year warranty for the parts and labor.

5. Do you have enough space to store the treadmill?

Most treadmills for home use are difficult to move around. Therefore, noting where exactly you’ll like put your treadmill before purchasing one is very important. Make sure that the room you want to place it has enough space for maximum comfort. Also, consider purchasing a folding unit although they could be a bit costly due to this feature. 

However, even folding units could take up a lot of space when being used. So ensuring that your room has ample space is very important. It’s also advisable to keep your equipment in a room where children and pets can’t easily access it to avoid injury or damage to the machine. 

Did you like that ultimate list? If yes, save or write them somewhere so that you could use them when visiting any fitness store to purchase your next treadmill. Feel free to comment, add and share on my ultimate list.

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