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5 Best Free-To-Play Games Like Fortnite

Games like fortnite

Epic Games remain the publisher and developer of Fortnite. It is a single, action-adventure, addictive and multiplayer battle royale video game about scavenging items, exploration, creating structure, crafting weapons against a gamut of monsters. One or more control points help to determine the defense and survival of players in this amazing game. Massive wave of zombies remain the prime enemy in the Fortnite game and players must strive to win the battle. In a night and day cycle, a plethora of objectives are accelerated in the game. We have a list of games like Fortnite which are free-to-play, check below.

Guns Of Boom

This is a first-person shooter, action-adventure and challenging multiplayer video game to play. Game Insight is the publisher and developer of this beautiful Fortnite alternative game to play. Guns of Boom remain a multiplayer and online-oriented shooter game. The trophy and level count helps to determine the rank of a player in this game. In this game, the highest level you can go is fifty. Gaining more experience points will help a player to level up in the game. This process is achievable via getting engaged in wars. The game also displays a plethora of characters.

Cops ‘N Robbers

This is a voxel-based, first-person shooter, action-adventure, and multiplayer video game. Riovox is the publisher and developer of this amazing game. This addictive pixel-oriented gun shooter game will enable every character to get equipped with powerful weapons. Characters will also be able to get engaged in the war that takes place in the calm black environment. The game comes with several genres and classes in the likes of Agent, Criminal, Soldier and just to mention a few. Players will have to select a genre or class and get involved in the game.

Last Man Standing

It is a third-person shooter, massively multiplayer online action-adventure video game published and developed by Free Reign Entertainment. In this game, there is a huge battleground where players across the globe engage in war. The game enables you to design or choose your special character. Defeating all other gamers, collect weapons and explore the large surrounding are some of the things to do in this game.

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Red Crucible: Firestorm

Rocketeer Game Studios LLC is the publisher and developer of the Red Crucible – Firestorm game. It is a multiplayer, first-person, action-adventure and military-oriented video game. The gameplay of this amazing game conforms to the FPS consoles. The player has full authority to control a military figure move around the environment, get rid of foes and make use of advanced weapons to enjoy success. In this game, you will discover several modes to choose from.

Arma 3

The game is in conformation to FSP, tactical, military-oriented, action-adventure, single, online, and multiplayer features. Bohemia Interactive remains the publisher and developer of the game. The game occurs in environments where NATO launched military action against Iran and Eastern armies from Europe in the fictional year 2030. In the game, you are provided a realistic and fast-paced water environment.

If you are looking for games that operate in almost the same way like Fortnite, simply select from the options above. These games will give you the same feel as Fortnite.

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